An eyebrow-raising off-road variant of the Ferrari FF?!

10/21/2015 14:00:08
An eyebrow-raising off-road variant of the Ferrari FF?!
An off-road variant of the Ferrari FF was released by Rain Prisk Designs, outfitted with massive wheels and tyres and with considerably increased ride height.

It's very unprobable that Ferrari will ever produce a hardcore off-road version of one of its models, especially if considering that the Italian marque is refusing to produce even a typical SUV.

But the imagination of the car enthusiasts has no limits and an off-road variant of the Ferrari FF was released by Rain Prisk Designs.

When outfitted with a set of massive wheels and tyres, custom suspension to increase the ride height, a set of twin fog lights and blacked-out lower body panels and arches like the Audi A4, the imagined car is hardly similar to what we usually attribute to the famous Italian brand.

Allroad, the car is undeniably eyebrow-raising. When fitted with a set of kayaks on the roof, the car definitely looks ready for business. What attitude will Ferrari take to this subtle suggestion remains to be seen.  


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